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Silt Striders mod updated to v1.13

download from: Nexus, my site


Ebonheart - Almas Thirr scenic real time boat travel preview

Release time!
Mills of Morrowind expansion by RubberMan/abot

Version: 1.01 /abot
- some script/meshes/texture changes, added scripted sawing animation and new Hirstaang Forest Mill
- you can help mill owners and get a small reward
- if you load Morrowing Crafting AFTER this mod, mill owners should also buy/sell wood
Version 1.0 /Rubber Man
Many thanks to RubberMan for the great mod and allowing me to build on it
download from
my site

testing some interactive expansion to The Mills of Morrowind by RubberMan

Exploring the Sirouada by River Strider

Exploring the Sirouada by River Strider

Quick Char v1.4

A reworked version of Bink’s classic, now with Random starting locations (>900 VVardenfell, >1100 Mainland if you have Tamriel Rebuilt installed), you most likely will never start the same game 2 times.

If you have Tamriel Rebuilt installed, use QuickCharTR.esp, else use QuickChar.esp

Inferno’s Island Fixed, Moved, NOMified

I just finished playing near-classic Inferno’s Island Revisited mod, and as it has a little problems and it was conflicting with Tamriel Rebuilt, I’m sharing changes/fixes I’ve done while playing it.

InfernosIslandRevisitedFM.esp was fixed (as much as I could) and moved north of Solstheim for compatibility with Tamriel Rebuilt.

InfernosIslandRevisitedFMN.esp was fixed,  moved and NOMified so at least NOM water is easy to get

Use (only) one in place of original InfernosIslandRevisited.esp (you need the original previously installed)